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Magnesium Infusion, Bone & Tissue Vitality, 16.9oz

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Magnesium Infusion, Bone & Tissue Vitality, 16.9oz
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How to Get Magnesium

Traditionally magnesium supplementation was done by the use of hard, oral pills. They were cheap but mostly ineffective. The pills were difficult to digest and absorb thus leaving a lot of magnesium and binders for your kidneys and liver to eliminate. Long term use might actually be damaging to your kidneys.

Powdered magnesium supplements have become popular in the last decade. They allowed for faster absorption but for many people they also produced a laxative effect.

Both pills and powdered magnesium are also very slow to bring magnesium levels to a healthy point, taking anywhere from 6 months to over a year!

In very acute cases, magnesium has been given in the form of shots or IV drugs. These methods are extremely effective at increasing magnesium levels and helping your body restore itself, but they are generally not accessible to the public unless given under a doctor's supervision in critical care or life-threatening situations.

Fortunately there is a way to get magnesium into the body quickly and easily and have it get put to good use like it should be!

It is now becoming generally accepted by forward thinking health professionals that the best form of magnesium supplementation is through a very convenient and effect topical spray. Activation Products produces an ultra pure food/pharmaceutical grade topical magnesium in a form that is easy to use, effective, and available to the public without prescription.

We call it "Magnesium Infusion".
By using magnesium in this form, you can easily and independently maintain your magnesium levels without any of the previously mentioned drawbacks from other sources.
No diarrhea! No kidney damage! No intrusive needles! Just one simple solution that you can apply yourself whenever you need it.

By using topical magnesium, you can help your body specifically maintain its optimal levels tailored to you because your body only absorbs the magnesium it needs. Your body works as nature intended it to when you use topical magnesium.

An Important Note on Quality!

In order for the human body to the obtain nutrition from the substances it consumes, the food or supplement must contain bioavailable compounds. Most topical magnesium supplements are made from rock. Technically it is magnesium, but in an unpure form that is very hard to absorb and very hard to utilize because of its chemical structure.

The best and lab-certified pure topical magnesium is made from a Dead Sea extract. It is the only form of magnesium that can be very accurately measured in liquid form. It is also the most utilized form of magnesium in hospitals and patient care facilities when they measure exact dose injections and infusions. Magnesium Infusion is the only publicly available product to contain:


A word from our formulator: The hexahydrate component is the separating factor. Because magnesium chloride hexahydrate comes from a liquid (and a liquid is the most absorbable form of any substance in the human body), this unique form of magnesium is readily and easily accepted in our bodies.

Our product is the best topical magnesium on the market because we use premium magnesium chloride hexahydrate. Our unique process produces a super saturated magnesium solution, which absorbs quickly through your skin to nourish you wherever you need it most.